applications / examples

In this schedule you will find applications and the suitable plastic for this application.  


polypropene and polycarbonate multiwall sheet, polypropene foil, pvc foil, acrylic sheet, polystyrene sheet
photo background
pvc foil black, white, chroma key
photo protection
pvc foil anti-reflex or polyester anti reflex
photo light box
polyester opal, acrylic opal
cards, scrapbook
pvc and polypropene color foil, polystyrene silver and gold
displays clear
acrylic or polyester sheet
leaflet tray / display
polyester foil, pvc foil
A4 menu cards
polyester clear, acrylic clear
real estate signing
pvc sheets, polypropene multiwall
polypropene and pvc foil
polypropene and pvc foil
advertising signs
pvc foam sheet, acrylic sheets, alu sandwichsheets
signing light (outdoor)
acrylic opal sheet
signing light  (indoor)
polystyrene opal sheet
poster (and poster protection)
pvc foil clear and/or anti reflex
interior (childrens' rooms)
polystyrene color, mirror silver and gold
design, furniture
acrylic sheets, rods, tubes, polycarbonate sheets, alu sandwich sheets
polycarbonate sheets, acrylic sheets
protection cover for machines
polyester or polycarbonate sheets
light house
polycarbonate or acrylic sheets
model making
polystyrene, polyester sheets
laughing mirror
polystyrene mirror silver or gold

Acrylic tubes for TV show ZAP live


Pvc and acrylic tubes for use in hospitals

Acrylic / plexiglas clear blue lasered mobile used at the opening of a
new building of Northwater Groningen. Designer: Bert Schoeren


Alu sandwichsheet table, designed by a student